Murdochs Estate Agents - Fee Information

Fee Information

Please note the charges listed below are the maximum fees that will be applied depending on your circumstances and the number of tenants.

Tenancy Agreement

Before any tenancy begins you will sign a tenancy agreement setting out the landlords and tenants obligations. A charge of £300.00 is made for the preparation of the original agreement and a further £125.00 for any extension agreement.

Should you change tenants at any point during the tenancy you must inform us and, subject to your landlord’s agreement (which might include the need to take up new references) we will prepare new documents for signature. Our fee for this will be £300.00.

Security deposit

A security deposit is required equating to at least 1 and a half months rent. This deposit is held by us or passed to your landlord.

Tenancy deposit protection

Your security deposit must be protected by your agent or the landlord via a government approved tenancy deposit scheme. This is to ensure that if disputes arise these will be resolved by an independent third party. Within 30 days of paying your deposit your landlord or your agent is required to give you details of the scheme.

Initial Monies

The initial money consists of;

  • First month’s rent
  • Security deposit Administration fee £50 per tenant
  • Referencing Fee £75 per tenant
  • Check in fee- Minimum of £72.00( There may be instances where applicants pay for check-outs instead. Contact Murdochs for more information)
  • Tenancy Agreement £300 (if Supplied by us)
  • If there are any guarantors to the tenancy:
  • Guarantor referencing fee £100 per Guarantor
  • Agreement of guarantee £75
  • And if the tenant is a company:
  • Company referencing fee £175

Other Charges

  • Change of Sharer £300
  • Extension agreements £125
  • Outgoing reference £25

Optional extras if agreed:

  • Saturday move-in £60
  • The initial money will be confirmed and must be paid by bank transfer.

We do not accept cash or debit cards, credit cards.

Rental payments All rent is payable in advance, all payments should be made paid due date to allow for clearance, any financial problems you may encounter should be reported to us.